Jillian McCue Saanich Council PresentationI presented to Saanich Council on May 25th and asked them to allow miniature goats in Saanich back yards by adopting a bylaw similar to what Seattle successfully implemented back in 2007. Since allowing backyard goats there have been no complaints in Seattle about noisy or smelly urban goats.

Council should allow miniature goats in Saanich back yards for numerous reasons, one of which is because they are good for the environment. They allow homeowners to reduce their use of lawn mowers and weed whackers as goats happily and quietly eat grass, and even invasive plants like blackberry bushes and ivy.

Another reason Saanich should allow backyard goats is because they also provide owners hormone free and antibiotic free milk, as well as non-smelly manure that is great fertilizer for gardeners, reducing their use of fossil fuel based fertilizers.

Finally, allowing goats in our back yards will help us fulfill part of our Saanich community plan, which states that we are striving to become “a model sustainable community and steward of the environment.”

But for me, personally, I want Saanich to allow miniature goats in our back yards because they are good for our environment, and they are cute and cuddly pets.

Here is a link to my presentation slides.  I have been ask to talk to the three different Saanich committees in June: Sustainable Saanich, Infrastructure & Transportation, and the Environment Committee.  I’m looking forward to meeting the committee and having a good discussion with them.


Written by Jillian McCue

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