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By: Jillian McCue the 12 year old girl 


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Isabelle Boutin

Hi Jilian! I find it so nice what you did at the Saanich council. I was wondering how your pilot project is doing. I just moved in Saanich and I’ll be really interested to have goats to have milk and cheese. Does your mini goat gives you milk? Do you think it’s possible for other Saanich residents to get goats top or we need to wait and see how your pilot project is doing?

Congratulations again for your accomplishment!

Isabelle, a grade 1 teacher and a goat lover:-)

Jillian McCue

Hi, the project is taking a while because the sewage project is the main priority. Mini goats give a surprising amount of milk. The goats have to have a baby to give milk. Sadly the pilot project has not started yet. I don’t have very much info regarding how many people they need for the pilot project. If it happens I will suggest you. If you want to talk more you can email me at Jillian@msys.

Jillian McCue


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